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Interview w. Patrick Olivas

Patrick Olivas showing off the super glamorous podcasting lifestyle

Patrick Olivas, is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Integrity Insurance in Albuquerque, NM. We've been inspired by short education moments he's given in the past, and believed he would be the perfect fit as the first of our Unstuck interviewees.

Patrick grew up in the small town of Grants, NM - a town that is know for mining uranium...but during the cold war, became a ghost town. He was working as an accountant in Grants, behind a desk...and didn't like the feeling of being caged up in a cubical all day long, not being able to talk to people.

Does this sound familiar?

Patrick was encouraged, by a friend, to become a licensed life insurance agent.

Though he tired a variety of jobs before making the call to accept the position his friend offered, he was ultimately motivated by this feeling of being stuck. Stuck in the mindset that he had to work for a bi-weekly pay check and that was the only way he could be successful! He felt like he didn't have the confidence in himself or a full understanding of his potential to be able to take that step.

What about now...does this sound familiar?

Eventually, Patrick did take the next step and knew it was a decision that he had to make! This small step moved Patrick and his family to Albuquerque, and he became a marketing manager at his friend's life insurance agency.

While in this position, he learned over time that selling life insurance was just the tip of the iceberg. He had the opportunity to speak to other insurance agents and learned that selling health insurance created a source of residual income, on a monthly basis rather than a one time pay out.

Looking back, he believes that this is the craziest decision he's ever made. He left a job that was paying him every two weeks...and took a leap of faith to go out on his own into the world of marketing health insurance.

He had the confidence to leave his job and take that leap of faith! You can too!

Growing yourself before growing your business...

Patrick truly went out on his own, solely on a leap of faith, he did truly have the confidence in himself to be successful. He didn't believe that he deserved that and never believed in himself.

This negative mindset affected all aspects of his life from the way he interacted with his children, wife, family, and friendships. His ah-ha moment came when he began seeing a marriage therapist — he blamed everyone and everything else for making his life miserable. The therapist responded with...the common denominator is you! Patrick was floored, how could it be him? She recommended that he read a book (name not provided).

Have you had your ah-ha moment? What will it take to make it your reality?

This book opened his eyes to understanding who you are, accepting who you are, and being happy with it. For the first time in his life, he felt like he could truly be successful!

Now, Patrick listens to a variety of motivational speakers on a daily basis! One of his favorite's is Zig Zigler and Patrick shared a story of the first time he saw him live.

There are two guys stuck out in the middle of nowhere and come across a water pump; they begin to pump the water out. While pumping, one guy says... let's get some water out of this thing. Zig related that back to life...sometimes you just gotta keep on plugging away, but often one person will begin to give up and say I just don't think there is any water in there. Zig then said, in life you're gonna run into things that are going to slow you done and you're gonna want to give up...but don't stop pumping because the more you pump the water pump the more pressure it will create to bring the water up. He kept on pumping. In life you're going to run into obstacles and adversity, but you can't give up because if you stop pumping the water stops coming out. If you keep pumping the water will start coming out and that's when you can sit back, enjoy life, and water will just keep on flowing. That's how life is...

Here's the video from Zig Zigler...just incase that story took too many turns...

In addition to listening to motivational speakers on a daily basis, Patrick also practices daily affirmations to get himself into a positive mindset!

One thing he's learned through these practices is that things are always going to happen...think about the four seasons: after fall, winter, after winter spring...etc. no matter what, its going to come! That's how life is, it's always going to have its ups, it's always going to have its downs...but it's going to happen!

To those who think nothing is going to happen to them...they're mistaken, life doesn't work that way!

Listening to motivational talks on a daily basis, help to create a strong, emotional person; thinking about the positive ways of handling situations. No matter how well things are going...something is bound to come up; in order to handle these situations, you have to be emotionally strong and ready to be able to handle anything that comes your way!

These motivational messages not only benefit you in business, but also help you in your personal life and relationships. If you aren't good with yourself, you can't be good with other people...and that's what business is all about.

Mic drop.

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