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Just Decide

We make 20,000 decisions everyday!

We make 20,000 decision every day! Most of those decisions are unconscious, but none the less can impact our lives. With making this may decisions on a daily basis...we should all be pros at deciding, but it can still be challenging.

The sum of the results of your day, year and life, are mostly the result of decisions you make and actions you take along the way. Meaning that we need to make decisions and take action!

If you have trouble making decisions, you are not alone, it’s a very common problem, many people have issues making decisions…its a skill that needs need to be developed.

If you can't're not alone!

Decisions are a tool available to you that can change your entire life. Deciding and taking action creates the momentum necessary to produce drastic changes to your life in the shortest amount of time.

Just decide.

Looking at the long-term for our decisions...

  • Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation.

  • Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be.

What stops people from being able to decide?
  1. Stimulus Overflow | Having too many options, break it down for yourself and simplify your options.

  2. Stress | Being afraid to to make a decision - so you don’t make one, which is a decision….and usually not your best option. In almost every scenario making a decision is better than making no decision at all. You can prevent this stress by training your brain to try new things out of your comfort zone — over time, your brain will lean to make good decisions even when uncomfortable. Making a decision can be empowering and help to relieve stress.

  3. Perfectionism | Beat it using the 80% Rule or Good Enough Rule — top decision makers make a decision and take action if they feel they have about 80% of the information needed. If errors on the way, they fix on the way, but they start implementing

Top decision makers make decisions quickly!
  • This wastes less time worrying about or calculating the perceived results of decisions.

  • More time can be used following through, and error-correcting along the way.

  • Quick decision making let’s you commit to them and move forward rather than letting doubt and worry creep in over time.

  • Give yourself a realistic time frame, and STICK TO IT!

It's not enough to decide, you must follow through!

Do ensure you follow through, put helpful parameters in place.

  • Rule of 3 (3 things every day) or Rule of 90 (90 minutes every day) — have dedicated time to be able to work on your tasks. If you can prioritize time to complete tasks you will move ahead and stay on track.

  • Accountability Partner or Group

  • Visualize your goal — we've added a dream sheet to our resource page!

If you make the right decisions – focusing on the long term and not the environment – you can direct not only who and what is in your life, but who you become!

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