Let's Get Resourceful!

"It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness"
- Tony Robbins

Do often find yourself complaining about what you don't have, or what's

seemingly working against you? That type of attitude will definitely hold you back. The biggest resource you have is your resource-fullness. The greatest hindrance you have are the excuses you're telling yourself.

So rather than talking about what you don't have, let's spend some energy focusing on what you do have! We'll train your brain to be resourceful! I bet you'll be surprised at just how much you have going for you.

Some personal examples of resources I have are:

• My wife has a job that extends good cheap health insurance to me. This is admittedly a huge resource and one I would forget about unless I was actively "counting my blessings" as they say.

• I have a spare bedroom in my house that gives me space to work on my business. I've used this bedroom as a make-shift IT shop (before the shop moved out of the house!) and now use it as a recording studio for Podcasting and Songwriting (two newer side-hustles)!

• I had a day job that was super nice in letting me step down my hours slowly while I built up my business. I also trained my replacement at that job. Not everyone has such great bosses who would let you do that, and that tapering down of my hours was a huge relief as I didn't have to completely quit one day and "take the plunge." I was able to extend a bridge from my job to working for myself.

So now let's talk about you, What are your resources?

Take a moment to really reflect on each of these questions. If you'd like, you can download this worksheet to write down your answers. Let's get started!

  1. What skills do i have?

  2. What equipment do i have?

  3. Who do i know who can help me, or offer guidance?

  4. What time can i make and commit to in my schedule?

  5. Where can I go to do the work I want to do? 

  6. Where Can I go to learn more? (classes, workshops, etc.)

Some answers may not come right away. That's okay, just give it a moment and see how many answers you can think of for each question. Then come back to these questions in a few days. You'll likely think of more as you started your brain thinking about these things, and it will continue to work on these questions as you go about your day.

Once you have your list compiled, take a moment to really reflect on them. Do you have more than you though you would? Do you have resources listed that are dormant? Like friends who would gladly help you out, but you haven't kept up with them?

Start thinking of ways you can sure up your current resources and even find some new ones!

Let us know what your biggest resource is, You may inspire us to realize a resource we have that we've forgotten about.

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