• Celestina Brunetti

Make Your Dreams Happen

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."
- Colin Powell

Today we're talking about making your dreams come true!

Not in a Disney movie or catchy Hall & Oats song kind of way, but in a "let's make my dreams a reality kind of way!"

Just like we use maps to get where we are going when walking or driving...why should mapping our your dreams be any different?

Start by mapping out your dream in extreme detail! Where do you want to be in 5 years? What does your work look like? How much money are you making? How many clients or customers do need to have to make that much money?

Sit. Imagine (envision). Meditate in great detail your ideal day, 5 years from now. From the moment you wake up to the last thought before you go to sleep.

If it is challenging for you to envision your dream in your mental space...or not... perhaps you should try making a vision board.

Dream / vision boarding can be a really powerful mental exercise that works for a range of reasons...

Your vision board doesn't have to be this fancy!
  1. It can help you make sense of what you really want. Before making it, you might have a vague idea; but after you create the dream board you have a solid, well-defined image of the desired future.

  2. It’s similar to the Law of Attraction practice of creative visualization, as both involve creating a positive image that keeps your attention on your own potential.

  3. It helps to distract you from negative thoughts, from doubts, and from unhelpfully critical self-talk. Your vision board constantly reminds you of the better future you’re working to achieve.

Take a moment to reflect...if it doesn't scare the sh*t out of you...

your not doing it go back and do it again!

This is THE DREAM, go big or go home! How big do you want to go? Don't hold back here!

When looking at the dream...think about mapping out both personal and business goals. You should work on yourself before you can grow your business — it is imperative that you have the confidence in yourself and in you abilities before you can take that next step.

Envision — get super specific!

  • What does your office environment look like? Do you work from home? A coffee shop?

  • Are you a solopreneur? Entrepreneur? CEO of a large corporation?

Remember that Apple, Microsoft and Amazon all started out in garages...anything is possible!

So keeping your dream in mind...let's say you want to achieve that in 5 years, so let's work backwards. Where do you need to be in two and a half years, so that you stay on course? Given that...where do you need to be in one year? Given that... where do you need to be in six months? And given that...what do you need to do this month so that in six months you're on course?

Break it down into smaller periods of time so that you know what you need to do every day, week, month...etc to be on track to hitting those huge goals in 5 years!

Personal Story:

So being an Air Force wife, I physically don't know where we will be in 5 years, but I don't let that stop me from creating both personal and business goals. Moving every 2-3 years is a part of my life, and I can't let that be a limiting factor for my business. Rather, I have to be able to accommodate my business goals to my life.

My 6-8 month goal is to be completely virtual with the dietitian side of my practice...and 5 years down the road I want that to be easily accessible at the national level. My oh sh*t dream is a bit further out, but I want to be recognized a the national level as a chef / RD...changing lives through good food.

Start thinking about your dreams today!

  • Journal about your daily achievements or goals for the next day

  • Embrace a gratitude practice

  • Free journal

With free journaling take some time, first thing in the morning, to write whatever comes to mind. Literally whatever! Write for at least 10 minutes and aim to fill three pages. There is no rhyme or reason to this...whatever comes to mind...put it on paper!


  1. Put it down on paper.

  2. Don't hold yourself back, make your dreams BIG!

  3. Work Backwards, to determine what needs to be done daily!

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