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Marketing to Millennials w. Ashley K. Stoyanov

"On a virtual scale, you can have a lot of access to millennials, the trick is knowing what to do with it!"

We interviewed Ashley K. Stoyanov — talking about marketing to millennials. A millennial herself, Ashley is a small business start up consultant & the founder of #WomenCrush Music.

She has worked on the community marketing team for Yelp PDX, managed and grew The Commons, the only co-working space on the Upper East Side, and currently works on the community marketing team for The Fairy God Boss.

A good deal of Ashley’s experience has come from learning as she goes. Reaching out to others in her industry, a few steps ahead of her, is how she was able to grow #WomenCrush Music to 16 cities in just a few months.

A fun tactic, when first starting a business or re-evaluating your business, can be analyzing commercials and determining how you can relate to it. When you see an ad that you like take a minute or two to think about what made their marketing so appealing to me? How can I bring that into what I’m offering my clients?

Think about who you want to cater to. If its millennials…there is a lot to go on because they are everywhere, all the time because of the internet, how much time they spend on socials, and going through emails. Virtually, you can have a lot of access to millennials, the trick is knowing what to do with it!

Know your audience, this doesn’t come overnight, but ask questions! This is going to be very specific to your service or product and may change and need modification as you and your brand begin to grow.

Overall, millennials are using Instagram as a major social platform because its quick, easy, and simple. They don’t want to read too much like you have to do on Facebook.

Keeping these key points in mind — when you’re building your brand be sure to think about creating a product or service that is simple, doesn’t have a lot of steps, something that is accessible and relates to them. Have an avatar that represents your ideal client and when marketing, keep that person at the forefront of your messages!

For example, if you are using advertisements be sure that they are hyper focused and possibly feature your target audience — as a reference check out the Daily Harvest commercial — the lead is a young, athletic female who doesn’t have time to make breakfast, but she can just reach into the freezer, put the smoothie ingredients in a blender, and pour the smoothie back into the to-go cup…just that easy!

While social posts can be helpful to build trust with your ideal clientele, because of algorithms and many other factors those who are following you may not actually purchase your products or services from your social platform.

When selling services, in particular, potential clients may be more apt yo purchase via email. Creating an email list, while it may sound archaic, is actually still one of the best ways to build trust, provide quality content, and sell services.

Use your social platforms as a means by which to sign up for a call or newsletter. That call or repeated contact via an email feed will be the key to getting people to sign up.

When sending out an email or campaign be sure to provide your prospective clients with quality, free content — something of significant value to get them more interested in you. The purpose of this overloading of free content is to help build trust and give you potential clients a better idea of what working with you would be like.

Some larger companies will add coupons into their newsletters.

Top 3 Essentials for Emails (not related to a specific industry)

  • Something that you’ve done or are doing, and only you can do

  • Something that you’ve been recognized for (to prove legitimacy or qualification)

  • Another random tidbit that they may like because they are interested in you / your service/product/niche

Find a balance between articles you’ve written as well as articles others have written that support your message.

Top three take away for marketing to millennials

  • nail your niche to what kind of millennials you’re targeting

  • keep it simple

  • don't just use social media


  1. When marketing to millennials keep it easy, fast, and simple

  2. Know your audience to help find your niche

  3. Use social media to point people towards your email list, use your email list to communicate & sell

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