Oh my gosh, it's Josh!

Josh Bien is an "IT consultant & computer repair guy" and owner of J-Bit Tech in Albuquerque, NM. 

Josh attended the University of New Mexico for Theater Design. 

He's married to his lovely wife, Maida Rubin, for just over three years. They have a fluffy puppy named Ms. Money Penny, Penny for short or Loafer...because Penny Loafer. 

Making the Transition...

    After 10 years in the theater industry in Albuquerque, Josh was board and felt he needed something new to challenge him. There were two choices: move to a big city like Chicago or New York or stay in the Querque and find something new to do. Since his wife and their pup love New Mexico, he chose to stay in NM and began to learn more about computers and the industry he is currently in.

The Ah HA Moment that solidified it all...

    Boredom makes Josh grumpy. He was bored at his theater job and slow became a less enthusiastic employee, leading him to the decision to make a change. Having always had an entrepreneurial mindset, it seemed like the next step for him was to finally take the plunge into being an entrepreneur. No time like the present, huh?

Outside of work, the real Josh...

    Josh, like most Americans, loves watching baseball. His team is the LA Dodgers, and he doesn't miss a game! Not only does he watch baseball, but also plays in a summer softball league! When baseball isn't consuming all of his time, he enjoys playing instruments and creating music. Josh also enjoys naps, and has recently realized the immense power of the 20 minute nap! 

Josh is most inspired when he is making or creating things that didn't otherwise exist before. That's what inspired him to initially do theater, and what continues to fuel his song writing. He also channels his creativity into his businesses, not just starting these businesses but the actual foundational work that goes into them helps to fuel his creative side as well! 

Going back to work...

    With IT being so customer service centric, Josh's favorite part of his job is when he can solve a computer issue for client in a matter of moments, and return the computer to them free of charge. It truly comes down to the experience the customer had...Josh always says, "don't sweat the small stuff" and that really comes into play here! Not charging a client for a quick fix, can usually lead to repeat business for larger jobs and excellent word-of-month referrals down the line! 

Staying up to date as an entrepreneur...

    Josh attends Windshield University (not a real place) — but does listen to podcasts and audiobooks while driving around town between clients! Focusing mostly on business and self-development podcasts, Josh has been able to keep up on latest trends and being able to grow his business. 

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