Ready is a Lie

Hey! Thanks for joining us the the ground floor of the Unstuck Institute! 

Stuck in a day job you hate? 

Not sure how to start and grow your own business?

The Unstuck Institute is all about helping you take the next step on the road to working for yourself. 

The topic for our first post is: Ready is a Lie! 

Feel like you've been holding yourself back from taken the next step that may launch your business...grow your business...or get you one step closer to leaving your day job?

Truthfully, we all feel this way at some point, but being stuck here doesn't have to be your normal. As the founders of the Unstuck Institute Cel & Josh didn't feel ready to launch a podcast, or press publish on their website...but if your reading this, they did it and didn't let fear hold them back. 

The question really boils down to...are we ever really ready. Probably not, but taking that first step, no matter how small, can create a proper cadence that will lead you on a path towards achieving your goal. 

The act of taking that next step will give you the confidence to continue. Similar to building positive habits, the daily repetition will help keep you moving in the direction and will ultimately make the process easier. If you hold yourself back, or stop taking those tiny baby steps it can hinder the momentum you've created for yourself. 

One way to keep your momentum is to do the most challenging task first thing in the morning. One example Cel gave in episode 1 of the Unstuck Podcast was cold calling first thing in the morning and having the rest of the day to focus on other, less intimidating, areas of the business. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment to get the hardest task out of the way! 

Are there ways you are holding yourself back? 

For Cel, her perfectionism has a tendency of holding her back. However, when it came to applying for a business license, she didn't think twice! She knew that starting her business was her next step; even though there were many nay sayers...she, just did it! 

For Josh, fear of not being ready and having all the answers has a tendency of holding him back. When he began his IT business, he was concerned that he didn't know enough. Since then, he's been able to shift his mindset and come to an understanding that no one knows he can't be overly concerned with that. He found a mentor that was able to guide him, and help him along his journey. Knowing that he had another experienced professional to seek  guidance from, made the beginnings of his business a bit less scary! 

Using your resources is key! Josh had an amazing mentor to guide him through! Cel had several side hustles to keep her afloat while starting her business. 

Some people will tell you to go all in at once. Neither Cel nor Josh dove into their respective business' all at once. With the help of several side hustles and a cooperative work place they were able to focus more and more time on their now successful soloprenuerships. Creating a security blanket of resources, while also still pushing yourself forward is the delicate balance that one must work on while transitioning to being a soloprenuer. 

Often times our lizard brain is what is holding us back. The primal brain that have a pretty good day job, why mess it up? Do you really need to work for yourself. If your goal is solo- or entrepreneurship...take that next step to ensure that later on you have no regrets! 

What's the worst that can happen? You go back to a career in the day job you left? Finding another day job, or maybe starting a new career path entirely?

    Remember when you were a kid, and your parents encouraged you to be anything you wanted to be...? An astronaut, a princess, a conductor...why should age or fear of the unknown stop you from pursuing your dream job/career/soloprenuership?

Stop telling yourself no! Say YESSSS!!! Take the one tiny step that is going to move you forward! 

After reading this...what's popped into your head? What goal can you get rolling and start taking baby steps towards? Reach out in the comments here, email us at or DM us in instagram 

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