Who the hell is Cel?

Celestina Victoria Brunetti is a personal chef, registered dietitian, and The Food Interpreter of Wellness Cucina where she helps her clients seamlessly blend the worlds nutrition and good food to create sustainable lifestyles of wellness. 

Celestina completed her undergrad at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI and her dietetic internship at the University of Nevada: Las Vegas. 

She's married to her awesome husband named David. They are the proud pawents of their New Mexico mutt, Luna — affectionately known as Ballouna (because she decompresses when you hug her). 

Did she choose entrepreneurship or did entrepreneurship choose her? 

    Having grown up with entrepreneur parents, she loved the flexibility it created in their lives. She also learned early in her career that she did not like working for other people and being told what to do or when she could take time because of these and many other reasons, Cel chose to start her own business! 

In the past, Celestina worked as a line cook in several restaurants and as a dietitian in the hospital and community settings. 

When she's not cooking food she loves to snowboard, in the winter! In the summer, she enjoys Netflixing, because it is oh so hot in Florida! You will occasionally spot her on her longboard during the summer (to keep her winter shredding skills on point)! Back on to food, she's also started naturally fermenting vegetables, dairy, and bread...basically fermenting anything that can be fermented! 

She's most inspired when she's on a snow covered mountain, above the tree line, about to drop into 2-3 feet of fresh snow. That moment you go from being still to cruising down hill is what help get her through a stressful week and hot Florida summers! 

Going back to work...

    Celestina's favorite part of the personal chef side of her just moments after she's served a meal. All conversations end, the room goes silent...and people are taking in those first few bites. This is how she knows she's done a good job! 

Staying up to date as an entrepreneur...

    Listening to podcasts and setting specific times to do so has helped keep Cel up to date and current on business, marketing, and growing. She also enjoys ready business and nutrition related books over fiction. 

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