Leave us a review!

Do you know the best way to help out our business podcast?  Reviews in Apple Podcasts of course!  Seriously, they really help put the podcast in front of more people, and the more people that listen the more people we can help!


To leave a review on Apple Podcasts, simply:


1) open apple Podcasts on either an iPhone or Mac,


2) Search for "Unstuck Institute"

3) Click on our Logo - Just like the one over here - - >

4) Scroll to the bottom of our show page where it says "Ratings & Reviews" and tap "Write a Review"

5) Follow instructions to leave us 5-stars (if you'd be so kind) and explain for other podcast listeners why you think our show is worth listening too.

We can't tell you how much reviews in Apple Podcasts help out the show, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for taking the time to review us!

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